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September 2022
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Sorry, my Shopping Cart Isn’t Working! Here are the other options!
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Hi there,

Just a note to say thank you for visiting my website!

Unfortunately, my shopping cart isn’t working at the moment! The links to iTunes do work, however.

But if you’d like to buy any of my CDs in their real shrink-wrapped form, all three of these sites have them available:

1. Catholic Music Network at
2. CDBaby at
3. at

Or just email me, and I can ship directly to you:

Thank you, and blessings to all!
Gretchen :)

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Back at Work!!!
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Hi there!!

Wow, I have had to take some time off - like, 2 YEARS! - to take care of our teens… but now things are smoothing out, and I am back to recording and planning a concert schedule. It’s so nice to be choosing songs and really feeling how they touch my heart and what would make the most impact on the listener… Thank you for still staying in touch through your emails and other postings on the internet.

Concert for Lee in San Antonio, Texas, with Donna Lee this Friday, November 20th! Yayy!! Can’t wait. It will be a holy, happy night.

gretchen :)

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Been a Long Time…
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Wow, just taking a moment to breathe… I’ve been gone, traveling in ministry so often this year. It’s all very good, but I’m home for a month and enjoying the break. Blessed with a family vacation last month! Sooooo great! The best hubby and kids ever!

Today’s 9/11… Remembering where we were that day, six years ago. Recalling and imagining what so many went through. Breaks my heart. So sad, so life-changing. I’ve been lifting up all those souls and their loved ones all day long. We will never forget!

“Pray, pray, pray. Pray for peace.” Thank you, Mary, for that reminder, that plea….

Going to see John Angotti in concert tonight. He’s so powerful as an artist. It can’t be an easy night to do this.

Love y’all,
gretchen :)

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prayers and guestbook
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Please use the buttons on right to leave your prayers or to sign my guestbook.

God bless!

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Went to EWTN, brought Amy, and all went well, praise God! The tapings went smoothly, Amy was so sweet and sang sweetly too…We felt the Spirit carry us through. Taped a Christmas special for 2007 and a Backstage for 2008. Such a holy place… holy ground… I just love it there. The people who work at EWTN full time are always so nice, and many have been there for 18, 20, even 25 years! Many other singers there too this week - Lynn Geyer, Sharmane Adams, Celeste Zupponni, Kara Klein, Sean Clive, Susannah, Marty Rotella… A great few days, and blessed with safety in travel. Did some interviews for Grapevine too, so hopefully those will be available for download in a week or so. Thank you, God, for the opportunity to minister to Your people on such a broad scale as global Catholic television! I pray lives are touched and hearts are healed!

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Praised Be Jesus!
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Wow! Went to Adoration, and again, “guidance galore!” Thanks be to God, I think my set lists are pretty much set! It’s not always easy, but things are soooo much better after we just “let go and let God.” God is so good…

Praying for you all…

g. :)

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New Blog!
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Wow, this is great! A new way to keep in touch on a frequent basis. I do plan to update very often, so come on back! My plan is to note what goes on inside this ministry… It’s all so varied, but it’s hours and hours every day, and I kind of want to look at that…

For instance, I was gone all last week at at booksellers convention, where the stores were listening and ordering CDs… Did a little interview on EWTN Radio’s Catholic Jukebox… Did a podcast report of the convention for Grapevine Magazine… Came home and had my website redone (Thanks, Gary!), and am now trying desperately to figure out what to sing next month - taping TWO Backstage programs at EWTN! Very exciting, and am bringing Amy to sing too… But they’re wanting a set list, and it just hasn’t come to me yet…

So, that’s the goal for tomorrow. Praying for answers…
g. :)

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Welcome to my new blog
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My Blog is under construction. Please come back soon!

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